Orange and kiwi candied with the induced maturation

With the induced maturation© by waveco® it is possible to obtain in a shorter time a candied food, softer, less rubbery, which maintains its original colors and preserves its...
Pesce spada marinato con waveco

waveco® recipes: marinated swordfish with fermented papaya sauce

Considered by many as the king of the sea, swordfish has been the star of recipes all over the world for centuries thanks to its tasty and nutrient-dense flesh.

waveco® recipes: octopus with fermented potatoes and fermented apple and celery extract

The octopus is the most renown cephalopod mollusc and, despite its unique taste and texture, it is one of the most consumed seafood.

waveco® recipes: marinated salmon with wild fennel emulsion

Salmon is amongst the most renowned and appreciated fish in the world and its tasty, firm and tender flesh has made it the main ingredient of many recipes by...
Sliced Chuck Roll waveco

waveco® recipes: sliced chuck roll, rocket pesto and cream of jerusalem artichokes

Many of our traditional meat-based recipes feature less noble cuts of meat, which still allow you to prepare extremely tasty and nutrient-rich dishes.
Pork Loin waveco

waveco® recipes: pork loin, lentils and turnip greens

Smooth, firm and marbled with white fat, pork meat is a delicious and healthy food which has been part of human nutrition for thousands of years: according to historical...
gambero waveco

waveco® recipes: passion fruit flavoured shrimps

Many consider shrimps the fifth essence of cooking: the nice appearance and sweet, delicate taste make them the star of restaurant menus all over the world.
calamaro maturato con waveco

waveco® recipes: seared squid with pink pepper oil

The squid is a whitish and high-quality mollusc, which can be easily prepared in many different ways and always be satisfying to the palate. It is for this very...
zabaglione waveco maturazione

waveco® recipes: zabaglione and kiwi sauce with candied grapes and fermented raspberry

A sweet and fragrant golden cream, a mixture of tradition and simplicity which has made it one of the most popular and most appreciated Italian desserts all over the...
waveco ricette verdure

waveco® recipes: stracciatella with sweet pickled and fermented vegetables

Maintaining all of the properties of food, preserving colour and enhancing flavour and fragrance. This is the challenge that cooks, chefs and restaurateurs face every day when preparing a...
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