Our journey into Italian post-covid food service, in order to discover the benefits and solutions a waveco® machine can provide, thanks to the innovative technique of induced maturation©, continues in Telese Terme, in the heart of the ancient land of Sannio, where we met the Michelin-starred chef Giuseppe Iannotti, owner of the restaurant Krèsios.

Chef Giuseppe Iannotti’s restaurant is one of the temples of Italian cuisine: built inside a cosy country house, on the inside has a tasteful mix of ancient and modern elements. In his open-concept kitchens chef Iannotti, with the help of his exceptional brigade, creates dishes based on research and fantasy, using the best raw material from all over the world.

When we met him, he told us that he felt strong emotions when he was finally able to get back to his kitchen after lockdown: “It was so touching – explains chef Iannotti – we reopened the restaurant on the first days of June. Unlike some of my colleagues, I was quite lucky: during lockdown, as I live above my lab, I could keep working with my waveco® machine and practice and experiment with it. I could study further its potential and functioning, and I am very happy with the results we are achieving. At Krèsios, thanks also to induced maturation© we are raising even more the bar of research and development in order to discover new emotions and sensations to offer to our customers.”.

As we imagined, chef Iannotti took advantage of this lockdown to deepen his knowledge of the machine, cook and experiment new culinary solutions and, as he told us, this period gave him the chance to share thoughts on new technologies such as waveco® that provide help in the kitchen: “During this pause – explains the chef – I kept cooking, experimenting and creating dishes. Thanks to the Iannotti lab platform we could share ideas with other chefs and we realised how important it is today the use of technology in the kitchen and which are the newest frontiers of cooking, thanks also to waveco®’s induced maturation©, that provides us insights on how to support the development of our projects.”.

As these aspects explained by the chef are crucial elements for a restaurant business, and as the chef himself explained, having the chance to use innovative machines in the kitchen is a huge benefit that contributed to a better restart after Covid-19. Thanks to waveco® – told us the chef – “I was able to perfect techniques and get the greatest results in terms of food safety: using induced maturation© allowed me to open up to new frontiers of taste, thanks to focused ultrasounds. This technique – goes on chef Iannotti – allows us to improve the performances in some techniques, such as fermentation; we get a longer shelf life of products and this make us feel more assured and confident, beside optimising raw material costs. Another technique performed by waveco® that has amazed me more and more is the candying process: with induced maturation© you can shorten the time needed for preparation, reduce the sugar and still get a high-quality product without altering any of its organoleptic and nutritional values”.


Before we move on and say goodbye to chef Giuseppe Iannotti, we asked him too if he could offer some advice for his colleagues on how to use this waveco® technology, especially concerning this long phase of restart. These are his words: “To date, we know only 30% of waveco®’s potential and this, beside the benefits already made possible by the machine, completely pays off the financial and time commitment a chef or brigade should sustain in order to learn to use it the most profitable way.

New technologies are meant to be consistently used, and not considered a whim, as every professional of this sector should pay the closest attention to his restaurant business development. waveco® and induced maturation© can provide great opportunities and benefits for those who decide to use them at work”.

Thank you Chef, and enjoy your work!

For those who wish to embark on a wonderful journey through flavours, we invite you to book a table at Krèsios, the restaurant of the Michelin-starred chef Giuseppe Iannotti in Telese Terme (Bn), via San Giovanni 59. Tel +39 0824 9407 23 – email info@kresios.com