Induced Maturation©


Induced maturation©  is an innovative production process for the food industry.

Conceived by NCG and implemented by waveco® it allows food to achieve its highest quality in terms of tenderness, appearance, colour, flavour and aromas .

There are no known techniques able to replicate the level of quality achievable through induced maturation© by waveco®: tenderising food causes a loss of its nutritional properties and part of its volume as well as a significant investment of time and money.

waveco® goes beyond.

The secret behind the induced maturation© has to do with water, the essential element of life. A drop ripples the surface and generates a wave, that propagates and massages the food: a continuous and beneficial cycle reaching to its core.

Food is induced to mature and enveloped by a relaxing movement whicheliminates the food toughness: proteins are stretched without the loss of liquid and the layers of connective tissue are gelatinized thus making the raw material more tender and voluminous, naturally maintaining all its precious properties.

A process that takes place at a controlled temperature and allows the reduction of the bacterial count, thus significantly increasing shelf-life and edibility.

Thanks to the induced maturation©, we have a qualitatively and aesthetically better product, ready for final cooking, which will take shorter time and at lower temperatures than before.


Induced maturation©, more tender food for longer!

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