In food service, when we talk about food tenderness, what we immediately think about is mostly meat and its preparation and cooking techniques, although tenderisation concerns also other kinds of food like fish and vegetables. The most used methods to achieve a greater tenderness in food are aging, a process in which meat and fish are maturated following specific techniques inside cold rooms for a medium/long period, or low-heat cooking for a prolonged time; in this case, we are talking about a process that cooks food at low and controlled temperatures in order to achieve extreme tenderness.

The purpose of these techniques is of course to relax the fibers in food in order to boost their tenderness and taste. When performing them, there are also some negative aspects: these processes need a lot of time, can have a huge impact on purchase, management and realisation costs and can affect quality in final products, that can turn out to be poorer in terms of weight and nutritional qualities.

These elements should be carefully considered in order to reach the best compromise between management costs of a business and final quality of the food that you are going to serve to your customers. A valid support for those who want to achieve this goal can be found in the adoption for your kitchen of new, technologically advanced machines, ensuring cost maximisation and premium quality food products, which means in this case a more tender food that you can offer in your service.

One of this machines is of course waveco® with its induced maturation©: a break-through technology, one of a kind, patented now by Next Cooking Generation, but which is the result of a long path of business investments and research, also run by University teams, that validated its effectiveness and originate from the need and demand for food – and especially meat – tenderisation, by avoiding long aging and eliminating all the negative aspects of techniques such as dry aging.

By using the focused ultrasound technique of induced maturation© you can have immediate benefits: you can use a freshly slaughtered meat cut while avoiding meat-aging, save money on its purchase cost, reduce preparation time and weight loss and especially get a tender and safe food.

The induced maturation© process is performed while preserving the raw material, at room temperature, and is able to achieve an immediate drop in toughness: the connective tissue is loosened and the meat cut is more likely to be more voluminous and tender. Furthermore, thanks to the action of focused ultrasounds you’ll have an immediate reduction in bacterial load, with a subsequent increase in shelf life; a characteristic that makes possible to immediately consume food in complete safety. Food prepared with induced maturation© is therefore ready to eventually be cooked at reduced time and temperature compared to traditional techniques.

The induced maturation© technique can be performed across all professions in the food service field and on every food, like fish or vegetables, also avoiding in this case aging or soaking, and reducing cooking time and invasive temperatures that can have a negative effect on quality and nutrients. Eventually, you will eat a properly maturated fish and vegetables that keep their original taste, color, nutrients, and most importantly, you will achieve the ideal tenderness desired by final consumers.