In our current economic situation, where immediate recovery and revitalisation of restaurant businesses is needed, it’s crucial to consider all factors concurring to determine “food cost”, in order to manage your business with quick and constant profit.

But talking about “food cost” in a restaurant means taking into account not only the raw material costs, or the cost of single products, as one could think; it is necessary to consider all these elements that are a cost for the activity: we are talking about various management, storage and service costs. Only in this way you can really understand a business’ trend.

So we are now talking about a value that sets the ratio of the raw material costs to the ancillary costs for the preparation of a dish and to its selling price. The exact calculation of food cost can therefore be the key for a restaurant business’ success, and restaurant owners should pay special attention to it: an essential approach to monitor a business’ trend. It is necessary that entrepreneurs adopt all the tools and machines that allow them to optimise their business, helping therefore their employees be more productive and themselves organise more efficiently the restaurant management.

A helping hand from waveco®

Today with waveco® entrepreneurs have a unique tool that allows them to monitor this parameter, therefore significantly reducing the spending for the realisation of the final dish.

Thanks to waveco® it is possible to skip from the outset some steps in the chain, like storage and management of raw materials, elements that ensure a drop in purchase costs. We could, for instance, purchase meat directly from our trusted farmers, with no dry-aging process involved; same goes for the fish.

Of course, the major benefits are in the kitchen: thanks to the induced maturation© process it is possible for instance to optimise the product yield, as after this process chefs will get 20% more raw material.

Its high technological value ensures a time, energy and labour saving: thanks to its electronic intelligence waveco® can understand the instructions given, eliminating therefore all routine operations and helping the professionals save up to 40% of working time, e.g. in cooking time and in a reduced number of operating tools.

This means of course a significant saving in space and equipment, as some tools won’t be needed, and – last but not least – a remarkable drop in energetic costs, as waveco®’s energy consumption in very low and can ensure a reduction in costs up to 70%.

waveco® is the perfect technological assistant cook that ensures for entrepreneurs major benefits in terms of costs: less steps in the purchase of raw materials, reduction in preparation and cooking time, elevated energy saving.