Our journey in the post covid-19 to explore benefits and solutions offered by our waveco® machine thanks to its innovative technique of induced maturation©, will of course start from the sea and from our fun and charming Massimo Garofoli.

Owner of a restaurant called “Mescola” in Civitanova Marche, Chef Garofoli proposes the highest level of high-quality cuisine, mostly focused on sea dishes but with influences from all over his region. In his restaurant you will find creative dishes that combine technique and simplicity, but also tradition and technological innovation, as the one provided by waveco®.

When we met him, he told us how tough lockdown had been for him as it forced him to stay away from his tools: “after this pause – told us the chef – the desire to go back to work was so strong, as was the willingness to experiment and use again such an innovative machine as waveco®, especially for me and my restaurant, where this machine is used for every kind of preparation”.

The results can be observed in his cuisine, where the food is always a protagonist with his colours and flavours. But behind such quality there is a long path of research that even this health emergency couldn’t stop. As the chef tells us, lockdown was a very fruitful time if you consider experimenting in the kitchen: “This pause was very helpful as I could deepen my knowledge in order to find new culinary solutions to propose once we’ll finally reopen my restaurant. Once I was back to work, the first thing I did was to turn on my waveco® machine and experiment what I had studied and read.

My test course – continues the chef – restarted from the homogenization of flavours and the enhancement of the base products and, as expected, the results were incredible: thanks to waveco® I could increase the flavours of my food even more. Today, many of the dishes we propose in our brand-new menu are based on these new culinary solutions, and that led us to boldly restart in this post-pandemic.”.

No doubt, this post-pandemic period is one of the hardest times in the last years for the restaurant business; decline in turnover and management costs are everyday issues that every entrepreneur should face to manage their activity.

Parameters that can be easily overcome by adopting new solutions – even technological ones – in the kitchen, allowing chefs to get new benefits. Something that chef Garofoli did himself, by using waveco®: “The added value of using the waveco® machine in this post-pandemic – explains the chef – is no doubt linked to the increase in shelf life of the products: thanks to induced maturation© we can maturate and stock already portioned food with the various aromas, everything ready to be served to the customer upon ordering.

A huge benefit in this situation of work uncertainty. The product – goes on the chef – lasts longer and retains all the nutritional and organoleptic values, in complete food safety. For our part, this benefit allows us to organize more efficiently the whole working schedule, eliminating all food waste.”

We know well how important it is for a restaurant business to reduce waste, an aspect that can have a significant impact on the reduction of management costs and can considerably influence the whole organisation of the raw material purchase; it’s an aspect that chef Garofoli stresses as well, providing an example from his business: “We are a fish restaurant and for us the greatest benefit of using a machine like waveco® is no doubt that you can buy fresh fish that normally needs some time for traditional maturation, like for example anglers, and you can use it straight away after a brief cycle of induced maturation© in the machine. Thanks to waveco®, we manage to save time, we have smaller weight loss and we preserve all its nutritional values, thus providing our customers with a high-quality product.

Another positive factor that emerged during the post-covid-19 time – says the chef – is the stress on the importance of prolonging a product’s shelf life and food safety: if before I could maturate a fresh food and use it immediately, now – in these uncertains work conditions – I can maturate and stock the product in the fridge without any worry, as the machine makes a product’s shelf life longer and allows me to use it even days after without losing any of its organoleptic and nutritional values. My food is just as if it had been fished that day and then maturated”.

Freshness and quality in food, two factors we will hear about very often from the chefs we’ll meet in our journey through italian kitchens during post-covid. Before we move on and say goodbye to chef Massimo Garofoli, we asked him to offer us some insight for his collegues on the use of this waveco® technology, especially concerning this long restart phase.

“The best advertising I could give to my colleagues in order to advise them to use this machine is “waveco® extends our life”. waveco® extends the life of a product and makes it easier to schedule you work in the kitchen in detail”

Thank you Chef.

For those who would enjoy a taste of the delicacies prepared with waveco® by chef Massimo Garofoli, we suggest to book a table at his restaurant “Mescola” in Civitanova Marche – via Conchiglia 33; Tel. 0733 774435. We assure you won’t be disappointed!