Our journey into Italian post-covid food service, in order to discover the benefits and solutions a waveco® machine can provide, thanks to the innovative technique of induced maturation©, continues on the hills near Pescara, between Maiella and Gran Sasso, where on the top of the hills of Civitella Casanova you’ll find the Michelin-starred restaurant “La Bandiera”.

Temple of the Abruzzi cuisine, the restaurant is run by its patron Marcello Spadone, with the help of his wife Bruna and children Alessio and Mattia, who are today in charge respectively of the restaurant hall and the kitchen.

Chef Mattia continues his family tradition by offering an essential yet innovative cuisine, based on the extraordinary deliciousness and seasonality of local raw materials, something that tells a story about the ancient and countless flavours of the land of Abruzzo.

When we met him, he told us about the strong emotions he felt when he could return to his kitchen after lockdown: “ Returning to my kitchen and using my tools was such a nice sensation, even though the most exciting part was seeing our clients again in our restaurant, eating at our tables, a kind sign of recognition of our work. From the restart – goes on the chef – we went back to business quite consistently and this was possible also thanks to the waveco® we use in our kitchen, that allowed us to improve and speed up our work”.

Like every other chef, during this forced break chef Spadone as well conceived new dishes and culinary solutions, and as he explained to us, the waveco® machine was at the heart of the restart of his business: ”We took advantage of this break and forced closure of our restaurant to run several tests on many food products and find new culinary solutions to include in our menu. Thanks to the waveco® machine, I was able to achieve extraordinary results on the fermentation technique; a process I was studying and that thanks to induced maturation© I was able to really speed up, ensuring food quality and complete food safety for all our customers”.

A return to work, however, not exempt of obstacles that chef Spadone could overcome by optimising his time in the kitchen; as he told us “I can say that, concerning the issues of this post-restart phase, we were lucky: having a machine like waveco®, I could program and speed up alla the kitchen work, avoiding struggling with preparations, something which could have occurred in the past. The time factor was crucial in this restart phase, thanks to which we could enhance the quality of the dishes we offer to our customers”.

Using the waveco® machine was essential in the reopening of chef Spadone’s restaurant; thanks to it – as he well explained in the interview – they were able to achieve several benefits, but two advantages were crucial in the activity: “When using the waveco® machine in kitchen work- explains chef Spadone – two benefits were more important than any other, which allowed me to receive the greatest help in this restart phase: a considerable reduction in energy consumption and the time saving.

In my opinion, these aspects are essential in a restaurant business management, especially if we are talking about a Michelin-starred one like ours, where preparation times and related energy consumptions of equipment are extremely high. I have never used so little energy for the equipment as I do now.”

waveco®, besides having a very limited consumption when working, allows you to considerably save on the consumptions of all tools: for example, a matured meat cut can be cooked in a quicker and more even way, resulting in a lower energy cost for the restaurant business”.

The benefits the chef told us about are the added value a waveco® can provide when you use it, crucial factors that – as well explained by the chef – were the key to restart of his restaurant: “Thanks to waveco® we were able to boldly restart the activity, especially by using it in some procedures and techniques such as candying or fermenting, thus saving time and optimising the kitchen work. Of course – goes on the chef – another relevant aspect when using this machine is food maturation: thanks to the focused ultrasound technique of induced maturation© I can quickly tenderise meat without altering its organoleptic and nutritional values, but more importantly I can achieve a significant increase in the product shelf life, which ensures a more efficient management of food products, thus reducing waste as well”.

Before we move on and say goodbye to chef Spadone, we asked him to offer some advice for his colleagues on how to use this waveco® technology, especially concerning this long phase of restart. These are his words: “In this time of crisis for the food service sector, it isn’t easy to plan the introduction of a new machine in a kitchen. In order to do so, it is necessary to think about the benefits that the machine can offer in the work. From this point of view, waveco® has several assets: with this machine I can reduce my food cost and completely meet the expectations of my customers. It’s wrong to dwell on the cost of this machine, because it will pay off within the shortest time.

The machine, besides the benefits provided to the kitchen efficiency, allows you to use and enhance the qualities in every food: for example we have gathered some small pear, which were still green. After we prepared them, we proceeded by candying them with waveco®. The result obtained is incredible in terms of colour, smell and taste. We couldn’t help introducing them in our dessert menu.”.

Thank you Chef.

For those who would love to enjoy a taste of the delicacies prepared with waveco® by chef Mattia Spadone, we suggest to book a table at his restaurant “La Bandiera”, C.da Pastini n. 4 – Civitella Casanova (PE) , Tel. +39 085845219 – Mail info@labandiera.it