The medical situation and the economy slowdown after the pandemic will have a deep impact on the food service sector as well. All food service activities will need to meet the demand for a business cost reduction and a maximisation in profits, therefore looking for new technological solutions that could immediately boost their work while keeping consumptions low and at the same time avoid diminishing the quality of their offer to customers.An aspect that can be approached immediately in order to reduce costs is of course the one concerning energy consumption: based on recent studies, it has been estimated that energy consumption represents one of the most crucial environmental and economic factor, likely to significantly affect the management of a restaurant. 

According to the Unioncamere and F.I.P.E. (Italian Federation of Public Establishments) reports, electricity consumption in food service and hospitality increased exponentially in the last 15 years: in Italy this sector consists of more than 300 thousand public establishments, among which bars, restaurants and dining halls, where there are more than 600 thousand professional machines ‒ and that is the most energy-consuming kind of commercial activity in our country; for bars and restaurants we are talking about consumptions up to 26.000 kWh of electricity per year.

To focus on a reduction in energy consumption – for instance, in restaurants – means to generate a beneficial effect on the activity itself, allowing a decrease in fixed operating costs which results in an increase in competitiveness and in an optimisation of product and service quality.

According to the research, much of the consumption could be improved and reduced by renewing the equipment; in fact, older machines tend to consume the most. Another factor to consider is buying new machines with technologically advanced functions that can help their integration in different manufacturing process, therefore reducing the equipment needed in your business.

A step that should be carefully considered, keeping of course in mind the necessary initial investment, but knowing that replacing old machines with new, more advanced ones is a purchase that will pay for itself in a short period thanks to the immediate drop in waste, inefficiencies and malfunctions, therefore reducing energy costs and ensuring an improvement in work during both the preparation and service stage. 

Another parameter, that shouldn’t be underestimated, related to the purchase of a new, highly technological machine is the potential new market of new environmentally-concerned customers: an eco-friendly choice that will lead to marketing benefits as well, as clients will grow to like “eco-friendly” activities that pay attention to waste and energy consumption reduction.


The goal of sustainability, reduction in consumption and ethical purchase of raw materials has always been the focus of ncg’s technological development. A constant commitment that led to the realisation of the new waveco® machine, that will with its innovative technique significantly reduce the costs related to energy consumption in a restaurant.

Thanks to the use of waveco® it’s now possible to cut all costs related to energy consumption from the purchase of raw material to its preservation and subsequent manipulation.

We are now talking about a sustainable technology that enables professionals to reduce the equipment used at work, allowing a decrease in energy costs on average up to 70% thanks to its low usage consumption.