Saving time by optimising preparation processes and ensuring a high quality of all products offered to customers everyday are key factors for a successful restaurant business.

Wasting time in mandatory preparation procedures is something that happens often in a working day, or else what can happen is that inefficiencies and not properly performed food manipulations require that the operation is repeated, prolonging therefore the whole processing time.

This situation, related to an improper time management, can significantly increase stress in people working in the restaurant business, as they will feel compelled to curb the damage by closely following the events and fixing one by one the problems that will, unfortunately, have consequences on their customers.

To fix this situation, it is necessary to optimise the available time by applying methods and techniques allowing the carrying out of the same tasks in a more efficient way. This is possible, for instance, when using technologically advanced machines that are able to eliminate preparation processes or to reduce the time needed to perform them. One of these machines is of course waveco® with its induced maturation© technology.

The value added by waveco® technology when used in professional kitchens is huge and extensive: when used in your kitchen, you will be able to perform routine operations in the faster and more efficient way, having therefore the opportunity to manage the staff in their different duties in a more profitable and appropriate way.

Thanks to the induced maturation© focused ultrasound technique, you’ll be able to significantly speed up some processes and preparations that normally, with traditional techniques, take many hours: for instance, the preparation of dried legumes. With waveco® you can skip the “soaking” time, saving therefore time both in the initial manipulation stage and in the subsequent stage.Thanks to the induced maturation© process, you will be able to later cook food – if necessary – in less time, preserving its organoleptic characteristics. 

You can apply this time saving to every food and every food preparation technique: as we said, you can have it with vegetables, but also with fish or meat, skipping therefore prolonged dry aging or cooking procedures and still having an extremely soft food product with enhanced nutritional values.

To make sure they get the best result in the least time,  all waveco® customers will receive very detailed timetables with induced maturation© times for every kind of food: this support ensures a better work management, a greater efficiency in the preparation process and most importantly excellent and always repeatable results in every kind of preparation.

It’s easy to see how this technological advancement ensures a significant saving in terms of energy, time and workforce: the waveco® machine is equipped with an intelligent self-management system and can carry out and regulate operations on its own, without a supervision or constant control on the operations.

This means that thanks to waveco® you can reshape and improve all work dynamics and procedures; the speed and efficiency of your workteam will improve and you will have more time to spend on other activities to ensure an impeccable service during opening hours.