Safety and preservation of food are key-factors in the food service industry.A poor management of products at any point of the food supply chain, from the purchase from the manufacturer or warehouse to their use in restaurants and their subsequent manipulation, can lead to serious consequences in terms of inadequate food safety for customers and may generate a lack of trust in consumers, a greater exposure to the risk of food poisoning and a remarkable economic loss for a business.

It is crucial to properly store raw material or semifinished food products used in restaurants, in order to avoid bacterial contaminations and, of course, to increase food shelf life, therefore ensuring a better food safety and avoid unnecessary food waste having a significant impact on costs.

Speaking of shelf life of ingredients (both raw and semifinished), we should point out that this parameter, indicating the period when a food retains at an acceptable level its nutritional and organoleptic qualities, is affected by microbial load resulting from cross-contamination from tools and manual manipulation during processing. Of course, the more exposed to cross-contamination, the faster this product will deteriorate and be attacked by pathogens. So the standardisation of processing in the production and food transformation premises, through machineries ensuring a proper food processing, becomes a mandatory requirement.

How waveco® can help

By using waveco® and its induced maturation© in food service you can meet all the demands in terms of food safety and of prolonging quality in food utilisation.

This can be done thanks to its innovative, patented focused-ultrasound technique, ensuring a quick and significant reduction in the bacterial load of food prolonging therefore its shelf life and ensuring at the same time a greater food safety.

We are talking about a process which has been validated by a research team at University of Teramo, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, which claimed in their reports that “the use of induced maturation© has an antibacterial effect on food that can result in a prolonged product shelf life”.

With induced maturation© we have a high decontamination effect on food, resulting in a greater safety for the consumer and at the same time ensuring a remarkable increase in its preservability, as it retains for a longer time its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics.

Those who use waveco® in the kitchen can restructure the whole restoration process, thanks to a virtuous conduct leading to an alignment between the quantity of food purchased, processed and served to the final consumer; avoiding by that an unnecessary and excessive purchase of products which could, over time, without proper preservation, deteriorate and become waste.