The world of food service is constantly evolving. These last years have been characterised by a profusion of new concepts on cooking techniques, a powerful and creative reinvention of recipes that led us to rediscover our culinary traditions and, last but not least, a closer attention to food quality and origin – trying by these means to reduce food waste and energy consumption.

All these factors are now significantly engaging and reshaping the work of the specialists in the field, across all professions, from cooks and chefs to pastry chefs and barmen. A transition that could be made easier by using new tools and equipment that can simplify and improve work and ensure a higher quality range of food products to the customers.

This new demand, coming from specialists in the field, for new, highly innovative machines  was precisely the starting point for Next Cooking Generation (ncg), whose vision includes a close attention to research, in order to design and develop new machines to ensure a better and more efficient performance of food techniques.

In the last few years, ncg focused on developing a new technique that could drastically change the current approaches operated in the kitchen by using an alternative source of energy. This path led to our induced maturation©, a patented breakthrough process based on ultrasounds and carried out by waveco®; the first and only machine destined for the world of food service using this technology in a high-performance, test-validated way, proved by several university evaluations run on different kinds of food.

We are talking about a technique that is able to reshape the whole idea of  manipulation of food products using an energy source scarcely applied in the field so far (and just in some specific techniques, like the preparation of emulsions and homogenised in industrial production) but having a huge potential and being able to obtain unique results, impossible to achieve with traditional procedures, on every kind of food.

Once placed in the waveco® machine, the food products are massaged by a calibrated, focused mechanical wave, generated by ultrasounds following a precise cycle called, indeed, induced maturation©, that leads at the end of the process to multiple benefits: the most immediately visible benefit is the increase in tenderness and volume, while completely respecting the materials, as the process takes place at room temperature – no cooking involved – so the food loses its negative characteristics of toughness.

The second and most evident benefit is time saving. Let’s consider for example meat aging: with induced maturation© you can reproduce the tenderising process in a few hours, choosing cuts of meat just 48 hours after slaughter, and at the same time reducing the weight loss and the resulting loss of important nutrients.

This scenario leads to even more benefits, namely a solid saving in the acquisition costs of raw materials, saving in storage costs, energy saving, but above all one of the key benefits for the specialists in the field: getting high-quality raw materials with enhanced organoleptic properties – using even cheaper cuts or traditionally discarded parts –, resulting in better food delivered by chefs to their customers.

Using induced maturation© also means greater food safety: due to the ultrasound action, all food products benefit from the reduction in bacterial count, therefore significantly improving their shelf life. The sum of all these benefits results in a key aspect for every business, that is food cost: waveco® was designed to improve the current methods of food preparation –  across all professions in the food service field – by offering a huge saving in terms of resources, working hours, energy costs, preparation time and, above all, a better product quality.