Quality and availability of the food used in a restaurant business have a considerable influence on the planning and realisation of the final dish during food preparation.

Of course, knowing the exact doses of the ingredients used in each dish allows you to purchase the right amount of food, thus avoiding food waste, and calculate the actual price of the individual course, and by consequence its profit.

Unfortunately, in a restaurant business sometimes – as in the case of this health emergency – it’s not possible to find on the market all the raw material needed, or the right amounts in order to make the dishes that are on the menu.

This is a very common situation for the chefs we met in our journey through italian kitchens, and they discussed with us the hard times they had during post-lockdown finding all those food products they would use in their kitchens before lockdown.

That’s why many of them had to change, even drastically, their menus, reducing therefore the number of dishes showed there, rethinking many preparations and even creating – in a very short time – new ones, by using the available raw material or the food products they could find.

These struggles – usually hard to overcome – were solved thanks to waveco® that, used in their kitchens, made it possible to enhance all the available raw material, while finding new culinary solutions in order to use in the creation of a dish food parts that weren’t used before.

This virtuous way of using raw material – which emerged during this health emergency – allowed a deeper knowledge of waveco®’s potential, which thanks to its innovative focused ultrasound technique of induced maturation© ensures countless benefits during food manipulation: thanks to this machine, for example, it is possible to use products of lower quality by enhancing their organoleptic values.

As some of the chefs told us, unlike what happened in the past, when they were forced to use in their restaurants only dry-aged meat cuts of the highest quality, thanks to waveco® they can now purchase even lower-quality, unaged meat cuts and still serve to their customers a product with the same tenderness level as before, but with superior organoleptic and nutritional values. Same applies to the purchase and manipulation of fish and vegetables, something that allows any restaurant owner to fully meet their customers’ standards while considerably saving on food cost, thus making a greater profit.

Another factor that can encourage people to use a machine like waveco® is the ethical one, concerning the use of raw material related to this period of restrictions and unavailability of foodstuff happened during the post-lockdown restart of business: for many chefs, using induced maturation© meant using this technique on every food, even on the ones you would have never thought about just a few months ago, and thanks to waveco® they were able to use 100% of it, thus reducing food waste.

As many chefs told us, in the past some parts of the vegetables, meat or fish were discarded since they were considered of a lesser quality or because of their toughness; today, with induced maturation©, they were able to overcome this issue and they can now use in the creation of their dishes all food parts, even the ones of lesser quality, enhancing them and thus getting high-quality preparations both in terms of organoleptic and nutritional values, to the advantage of their customers, and of course for their own profit.

Keep following our journey through Italy and read the interviews to the chefs that already use waveco® in their kitchen; you’ll discover how they managed to overcome this post-pandemic phase thanks to new culinary solutions and technological innovations.

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