Food waste is an economic and ethical issue concerning the whole world, and sadly it is reaching unprecedented and scary levels: a third of the food produced globally becomes waste.

We are talking about a systemic question more than a consequence of individuals’ actions. Food waste happens in every phase from production to consumption; the whole supply chain is involved and causes are often to be found in extreme climatic conditions, transport infrastructures and storage instruments but also in inadequate technologies for manipulation that won’t allow an appropriate and complete utilization of food products.

In this case, for instance, we are talking about all these activities in Horeca that process, distribute and serve food to consumers: according to a research run in Italy before the pandemic, every week in our country each restaurant claims to dispose of two to five 220-liter bags of food waste. Huge numbers that highlight some of the issues linked to the management of the food used in the kitchen: from the phase of supply to manipulation, service and storage.

It was during our journey through Italian kitchens that we had the chance to deepen our knowledge of this topic that represents a relevant cost factor for many restaurant businesses and that unfortunately has proved to be a lot more decisive for their survival in this phase of restart after the health emergency due to covid pandemic.

All the chefs we met told us their experiences with managing this parameter in their restaurants, their concerns about work uncertainties, their choices of menu and the benefits they obtained thanks to the introduction in their kitchens of a greater technological innovation in equipment such as waveco®’s.

By using the focused-ultrasound technology of induced maturation©, chefs were able to reorganise their work in restaurants, thus significantly reducing food waste: thanks to this process it is possible to get a quick and significant drop in bacterial load and by consequence to have the chance to save food and use it for a longer time (increase in shelf life), with the guarantee of the highest food safety and quality in terms of organoleptic and nutritional values.

By adopting our waveco® system, all the chefs could start a positive revolution in their business: a virtuous process that starts at the beginning of the supply chain and leads to an alignment between the quantity of food purchased, processed and served to the final customer.

With waveco® we can reduce the steps in the chain, rationalising therefore the purchase and managing the food processing in a more scheduled way: they can for instance buy more goods, saving on the purchase price without any concern about the fact that goods could, without proper conservation, deteriorate and become waste. With our induced maturation technique© you can process and mature food, maybe already portioned in bags, and store it in the fridge until it is needed or required for a customer’s order, saving by that time during work time.

Another benefit of a waveco® machine concerning food waste emerges when you use it during preparation: thanks to this focused-ultrasound technique you can eliminate every kind of food waste (vegetables, meat, fish, fruit). As many chefs told us, using waveco® means creating your dish in a “circular” way, which means using all the parts of the food product; even those that in the past were discarded.

With induced maturation© there is no food product or part too tough or too low-quality: this machine can enhance and extract all organoleptic properties of food, allowing you to use them in the creation of your dishes and thus offering you new culinary solutions, while ensuring your customer’s food safety.

In short

With waveco®’s induced maturation© you can eliminate all food waste. You can rationalise the purchases and maturate every food, preserve it in its bag, (maybe already portioned in bags) and use it when needed.

Besides, thanks to this machine you can use and appreciate all the parts of food that in the past were discarded, since they were considered of lesser value, for example due to the extreme toughness of their meats, or if we consider vegetables, all these parts that normally aren’t used when cooking. Thanks to waveco® – as shown by the many chefs that already use this process – you can use discarder parts as well in the process of creating your dish. With waveco®, nothing is thrown away. A real example of “circular kitchen”.

Keep following our journey through Italy and read the interviews to the chefs that already use waveco® in their kitchen; you’ll discover how they managed to overcome this post-pandemic phase thanks to new culinary solutions and technological innovations.

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