The health emergency related to Covid-19 changed the way we operate in the Horeca world, especially in restaurants, where the several activities to be performed have become more complex due to both the new anti-covid regulations and, as a consequence, to the work uncertainty due to the presence of clients in restaurants.

The observance of these new regulations and the adjustment to the work variability has increased the importance of a crucial aspect that has always been characteristic of restaurant businesses, the time factor: we know well that to perform an excellent food service it is necessary to save time in the kitchen, by optimising tasks and procedures, with the aim of ensuring every time high-quality products for your customers.

Very often it occurs that some work days are filled with time dispersions due to, for instance, mandatory preparation procedures, or inefficiencies, or uncorrect food manipulations which require the repetition of operations, something that can extend preparation time at work.

In order to solve all these issues, it is necessary to optimise the available time, by using kitchen methods and techniques allowing us to perform the same tasks in a more efficient and effective way, especially when it comes to big restaurants where the management of several machines and staff members needs a thoughtful organisation of space and execution time.

Many chefs we’ve met during our journey through Italian kitchens in post-Covid19 told us that in order to overcome these issues it is necessary to adopt technologically advanced machines that are often able to eliminate some preparation processes or to reduce the time needed for them. One of these is of course waveco® that, with its innovative technique of focused ultrasound induced maturation©, allows to reduce preparation time in every kind of food, changing the methods and timeframes in all food preparation phases.

The waveco® machine ensures a more profitable time managing in the kitchen, having a significant effect on the managing of others machines as well: for instance, after aging a meat cut, this can be cooked in a faster and more even way, resulting in an energy cost saving for the business.

The added value waveco® ‘s technology can provide when used in professional kitchens is huge: by using it in your kitchen, you’ll be able to perform routine tasks more efficiently and quickly, while managing the staff on each task in a more productive and appropriate way, thus avoiding waste and unnecessary costs.

Thanks to this technique you can considerably speed up some procedures and preparations that would usually require many hours of processing with traditional methods: let’s consider, for example, the preparation of dried legumes.

With waveco®, you can skip soaking time, therefore saving time both on the initial stage of preparation and on the following one. Thanks to the process of induced maturation©, after that you will be able to cook food – if necessary – in a shorter time, without altering any of the organoleptic characteristics.

This kind of time saving can be applied to every food and kitchen technique: as we’ve seen before, you can save time preparing vegetables, but also meat or fish,avoiding for instance long aging procedures or cooking and still getting an extremely tender product with enhanced qualities in terms of nutritional values.

In order to make sure to always get the best result in the shortest time, every waveco® customer will be able to consult detailed tables on induced maturation© timeframes for every kind of food: this support allows professionals to optimise their work management, improve the treatment effectiveness and especially get perfectly repeatable, high-quality results in every preparation.

Of course, this kind of technological innovation allows users to save time, energy and labour power: the waveco® machine is equipped with an intelligent self-management system, which ensures its autonomy to perform without supervision or a continuous monitoring of the process.

This means that, thanks to waveco®, you can reshape and improve all work dynamics and processes; the speed and efficiency of the kitchen brigade will be improved and you’ll have more time to spend in other activities in order to ensure an impeccable service during the opening hours.

Keep following our journey through Italy and read the interviews to the chefs that already use waveco® in their kitchen; you’ll discover how they managed to overcome this post-pandemic phase thanks to new culinary solutions and technological innovations.

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