In our journey through italian kitchens, we had the chance to talk with many chefs that often use a waveco® machine in their kitchens. One of the most important aspects that emerged during our chats, or rather, one of the greatest benefits chefs reported to get by using waveco® in their kitchens is the reduction of food waste; an extremely important factor, given the work challenges due to this post-pandemic restart phase.  

An incredible result that chefs can get is the increase in food shelf life, which happens thanks to the focused ultrasound technology of waveco®’s induced maturation©, a process that leads to a quick reduction in the bacterial count of food and subsequently allows chefs to store and use the food products for much longer, while the highest food safety and quality in terms of organoleptic and nutritional values are guaranteed.

To give an example, with waveco® ‘s induced maturation©, it’s like if we took a picture of food with our mobile phone and “fixed in time” its current characteristics. These qualities remain unchanged or keep their levels above the food security standards for a consumer much longer compared to classic restaurant conservation.

The benefits of an increase in shelf life – amplified in this work uncertainty – are evident and crucial to relaunch a restaurant.

Here are three key-factors. 

Saving time and purchase costs: the restaurant owner/chef can rationalise purchases and manage the processing more efficiently: they can, for instance, buy more goods, saving on the purchase price and then process/maturate the food, maybe already portioned in bags, and store them in the fridge until they are needed or required for a customer’s order, thus saving time during work time. 

Increasing  quality and safety: the key factor of induced maturation© is no doubt the one concerning food safety. Thanks to a long path of research, Next Cooking Generation‘s team could patent this innovative technique which reduces bacterial count quickly and remarkably thanks to the focused ultrasound technology, thus guaranteeing better food safety.

We are talking about a process validated by a research Team at University of Teramo, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, that joined us in the experimentation, carrying out studies and tests on our new technique’s effect on several food products: this recently led to the recognition of their work and of the effectiveness of the induced maturation© technique thanks to the publication of said findings on the scientific magazine Italian Journal of Food Safety.

For further details on the research and publication, you can read the whole paper at the following link>>

For those who work in the restaurant business, this factor means a greater and clearer food safety concerning food served to customers, but also means amplifying the organoleptic characteristics of high-quality food.

Waste reduction in the kitchen: there is no doubt that by adopting the waveco® system in your kitchen it is possible to eliminate every kind of food waste. Every food product or preparation, in its maturation bag, will be stored and used only when necessary. Besides, thanks to this machine you can use and appreciate all the parts of food that in the past were discarded, since they were considered of lesser value, for example due to the extreme toughness of their meats, or if we consider vegetables, all these parts that normally aren’t used when cooking. Thanks to waveco® – as shown by the many chefs that already use this process – you can use discarded parts as well in the process of creating your dish. With waveco®, nothing is thrown away. A real example of “circular kitchen”. 

In short

With induced maturation© we get a high decontaminating effect on food products, which means both greater food safety for the consumer and a significant increase in their preservability, as they retain their nutritional values for longer. Those who use waveco® in their kitchen can reorganise the whole restaurant process thanks to a virtuous behaviour that aligns the quantity of the food purchased, processed and served to the final customer; and avoiding the necessity of purchasing too many goods that, without proper conservation, could deteriorate and become waste.

Keep following our journey through Italy and read the interviews to the chefs that already use waveco® in their kitchen; you’ll discover how they managed to overcome this post-pandemic phase thanks to new culinary solutions and technological innovations.

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