Food cost is the sum of production, running, storage and service costs that restaurant managers incur when delivering food to consumers.Its value is the ratio between the cost of raw materials used and the additional costs paid to prepare a dish and its final price. Calculating food cost the right way may be the key to the success of a restaurant and something to which a restaurant manager should be completely dedicated. This approach is crucial to keeping the business under control and making it profitable.

Today, waveco® serves as the one tool entrepreneurs need to keep this parameter under control and significantly reduce the expense for making the final dish. Using it will actually remove some steps of the supply chain such as the storage and raw material management costs. While in the kitchen you can optimise the product yield during the induced maturation process as well as cooking, which will take a short time and consequently reduce energy consumption.

Its high technology value allows you to save time and labour: in fact, it is a smart device that can interpret the instructions received and remove any routine actions, such as checking and stirring the food, so the chef can focus entirely on creating the final dish.

waveco® is the perfect hi-tech commis chef that brings maximum benefits to managers in terms of costs: shortening the supply chain; time-saving preparation and cooking; and high energy saving.


A simple and quick calculation will allow you to compare your current costs with the savings you may achieve by using waveco® every day.

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