The future of food service is no doubt linked to technological innovation, a process of modernisation dedicated to the equipment used in the kitchen, one that even the current health emergency can’t slow down. In fact, in this case, the pandemic could speed up the process of modernisation of all businesses in the Ho.Re.Ca. world that are now forced both to meet the needs of greater personal and food safety, and to try to prevent the drop in customer flow and the cost increase.

Food service should now more than ever focus on innovation if it wants to survive to this sector crisis: in order to succeed, it is necessary to combine tradition and technology by implementing the methods and techniques used until now with the help of machines allowing to keep following the path towards a healthier eating, without altering the values of ingredients and raw material, while enhancing flavours and reducing food waste.

We are talking about reliable tools, even in the hardest moments of work, easy to use for the entire staff, – reducing therefore time and staff costs – that can make workflow more efficient and of course can support the chef’s choices in the creation of new culinary solutions able to meet the expectations and satisfy the palate of customers.

To better understand how the future path of food service is going towards these new technological machines, you just need to go inside the kitchens of the new restaurants run by young chefs or in the most famous restaurants where awarded and non-awarded chefs in these last years created actual “taste research lab” where they use the most recent equipment nowadays on the market that, besides improving their work in the kitchen, allow them to perform an enhanced food manipulation, getting better results compared to those achieved thanks to traditional equipment.

One of the most technologically advanced machines, already featured in the greatest chefs’ labs and in many restaurants both in Italy and Europe, is our waveco®, a machine that – as many chefs who already use it remind us – provides so many ideas in order to solve issues in everyday cooking which can happen as well on a large scale in professional kitchens: issues such as the ingredient’s shelf life, the safety of many food products, and the respect of organoleptic qualities in food.

The waveco® machine is a concentrate of technological innovation, the result of a long research and development work carried out by Next Cooking Generation, that was able to patent and place on the market a new technique, called induced maturation©, first in the world using focused ultrasounds to process every kind of food and ensuring unique results, impossible to achieve until now with traditional procedures, thus reshaping the techniques and concepts of food manipulation.

The added value waveco® ‘s technology can provide for all professional kitchens is huge: by using it in your kitchen, you’ll be able to perform routine tasks more efficiently and quickly while managing the staff on each task in a more productive and appropriate way, thus avoiding waste and unnecessary costs.

Thanks to this technique you can considerably speed up some procedures and preparations that would usually require many hours of processing with traditional methods: you can save time on every cooking technique and every food; from vegetables to fish and meat, for instance by avoiding long dry aging or cooking, while still getting an extremely tender product with better quality in terms of nutritional values.

Using waveco® ‘s induced maturation© means greater food safety: thanks to focused ultrasounds, every food benefits from the reduction in bacterial load, thus increasing considerably their shelf life. This factor is crucial to help chefs increase raw material shelf life, in order to fit in the new workflow and rhythm and ensure every time both maximum freshness and minimum food waste.

The technological help that a machine like waveco® can provide in today’s food service sector is crucial: if before the current emergency innovation in equipment was perceived with some skepticism, now more than ever it is evidently something that can make a difference in dealing with several everyday problems occurring in the kitchen.

Unfortunately many people nowadays, and chefs as well, are afraid that machines will replace men in every aspect, but machines need us in order to exist and express their potential, so we are not talking about an alternative, but about a beneficial symbiosis instead. Constantly evolving techniques such as the induced maturation© performed by waveco®, will pave the way from the kitchens and food service of the past to the ones of tomorrow”.

Keep following our journey through Italy and read the interviews to the chefs that already use waveco® in their kitchen; you’ll discover how they managed to overcome this post-pandemic phase thanks to new culinary solutions and technological innovations.

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