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People are the real engine of innovation and development. These are the principles at the heart of Next Cooking Generation, an innovative italian start-up, recognised by a Decree-law, that has the optimisation of food techniques in its business vision.

For this reason, every day at ncg a group of highly qualified professionals operate in research and development in order to realise machines that can help the specialists in the sector enhance their cooking approach, while respecting raw materials, therefore increasing food safety but with an eye to the future, in order to allow future generation to meet their own needs.

That’s why ncg has always tried to find production solutions with a low environmental impact, that are able to ensure a significant energy saving and to anticipate future trends, by creating innovative machines dedicated to collective catering, banqueting, and restaurants, from the big chain restaurants and distribution to retail.

Particular attention is given to after-sale service and support: ncg offers to their customers a team of specialised, highly experienced and reliable technicians. A team based on business craftsmanship, able to assist their customers by providing a reliable, efficient and timely service with interventions tailored in order to guarantee the long duration of their product performances.



ncg is a recent start up, and was born in 2017, but the idea and the concept behind its technological breakthrough began long before, in 2013, when a team of young engineers started to think how to fix the primary need of those working in food service: to speed up and improve the cooking techniques without altering the quality of the products, while trying to enhance them as much as possible.

The first experimentations focused on meat: we were looking for a new method in order to get a softer food product while avoiding meat aging, thus eliminating all negative factors typical in dry age techniques (longer time, weight loss, fluid loss, nutritional loss, food waste).

The research focused from the beginning on a new concept based on an alternative energy source – almost unused in the food sector – and able to exploit this huge potential by respecting and enhancing food quality: ultrasounds.

After years of research and tests, the induced maturation© core was born: a system that received an industrial patent and that, thanks to ultrasounds, can generate a mechanical and focused action following a precise cycle called indeed induced maturation®, which ensures the enhancement of meat tenderness, eliminating all the negative factors that are typical in the most common techniques.

From that moment, the technological and structural growth of the company was exponential. Today, after years of studies and tests run in collaboration with the University of Teramo – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, we can affirm that the induced maturation© technique is effective and can be used on every kind of food.

Using this machine ensures a better food quality and an improvement in all routine procedures in the kitchen, thus reducing preparation time and cooking temperature and optimising the subsequent phase of food conservation, thanks to ultrasounds, whose action drastically reduces the bacterial count, prolonging the shelf life of the final product.

Based on the results obtained inthe tests run at the University, induced maturation© permits an immediate reduction in the bacterial count, equal to 3.0 logarithms, which ensures the conservation of any food for much longer, increasing therefore the food safety and enhancing the optimisation of a food product.

All the research and experimenting run by the University Team of Teramo, led by Dr. Luca Pennisi, have been recently recognised and the effectiveness of the induced maturation© technique has been validated by the publication of said results in the scientific journal The Italian Journal of Food Safety.

The aim of the published research was to evaluate the effects of focused ultrasounds produced by waveco®’s induced maturation© on the inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes (LM) in smoked salmon.

In the findings of said publication, it is demonstrated how waveco®’s induced maturation© is effective in reducing drastically the bacterial load without altering the organoleptic characteristics of the food.


Our innovative technology address issues such as energy saving, the scarcity of resources matching the demographic increase (according to FAO, in 2050 the planet will host 9 billion people) and especially food security, a key factor in public healthcare given the fact that every year 600 million people are food poisoned and 420 thousand people die of it, among which 125 thousand are kids (Source: FAO and OMS).



The induced maturation© core has been used to realise innovative machines destined to the food service world, like waveco®, and will be used in the future for the realisation of other machines that are now still under development, like krudo®.


It is the first machine which supported the new induced maturation© focused ultrasound technique. The innovative process ensures a significant economy both in production time and costs for professionals, and above all it ensures an evident improvement in the quality of the final product./h6>

Learn more on waveco®


A machine that uses the ultrasound principles of induced maturation© in order to ensure 100% of food security without involving any thermal treatment such as freezing or cooking, normally used in the kitchen, while completely respecting the quality and characteristics of food.

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While developing this technology, and especially during the following stage, the test phase, ncg benefited from the many chefs that helped the company understand and improve the effects of induced maturation© on food and on food manipulation techniques. We interviewed each of them and let them talk about the real benefits in using this innovative technique.

Chef Igles Corelli

Gambero Rosso Academy
4 Michelin stars for three different restaurants/span>

“Thanks to the ultrasounds of induced maturation©, I can reduce the time needed for every kind of preparation in the kitchen, while respecting food properties and increasing the qualities of the final product”.

Chef Ernesto Iaccarino

“Don Alfonso 1890” restaurant, Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi (Naples)
2 Michelin stars/span>

“With induced maturation© I can process fresh fish and shorten the time needed in preparation, saving up to seven days of maturation and obtaining unbelievable tenderness, which would be impossible without waveco® “.


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Quality and availability of the food used in a restaurant business have a considerable influence on the planning and realisation of the final dish during food preparation.

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